5 thoughts on “Osceola County Section 8 Waiting List Opens for Two Days

  1. Elliott Ramos

    Please I am living with my mother. I work 8.00 per hour at International Airport a luggage agent. I have my girlfriend and her daughter no other income. Please I need an apt. I applied on 4/23/09 section 8 confirmation is xxxxxxx [deleted by moderator] If their is anything you can do to help me. I would appreicate your conceration and advise I thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Joel Remigio

    Homeless Services Network is not in a position to influence the Section 8 voucher process. The Osceola County web site has a recent update that indicates that after May 6, they would have randomly selected people to add to the waiting list from those who applied recently. Please check with them to see if you made the waiting list. Best of luck!

  3. David Retamar

    since 1999 i try to resieve sec.8 iam disable verry sick i findly was able to get on the list of 300person i try to get help and been giving phone# and when you call every one passes the buck to someone els.osceola dont help diable person.if any one knows were i can get help please drop me a email if anyone that reed this and resievd sec8 in osceola can anyone let me know if so from 4-23-09 so good luck to everyone who realy in need for sec8.

  4. Joel Remigio


    You should contact the Osceola County Housing Department at 407-742-8400. HSN does not handle Section 8 vouchers.

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