Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program

About a month ago, we told you about DCF’s Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program (EFAHP).  Well, by the time you finish reading this, that program will be out of money.  The unfortunate news came from Tom Pierce, Director of the Office on Homelessness, earlier today:

“As expected, we have received an enormous number of applications for rent or mortgage assistance since July 6. By July 15, a total of 2,893 applications had been received and assigned for reviews of eligibility. We estimate that between July 6 and July 27, over 5,600 applications have been received. Our funds can only assist approximately 4,000 of those applicants. Therefore, be advised that applications received after Friday, August 7, are not likely to be assisted.

Any applications received after the above date will only be reviewed for approval if we have enough money left over from approving the first batch of cases. Otherwise, the applications will be denied for lack of funds. We will mail a letter to each applicant telling them that we are unable to help. We will also suggest that they check locally for funds.

The Office does not want to create any false expectations that EFAHP aid will be available to help a family seeking aid after August 7, 2009. The current economic situation has caused many more households to apply than ever before.

Thank you for your assistance in sharing this information with other local agencies.”

Download the original memo here.

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