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FL-507 Timesheet Template

FL-507 Sample Timesheet

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FL-507 Requisition Form Template with Operating Costs

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Grantee Webinar Trainings and Conference Calls

Grant Webinar Trainings by the HSN Grant Division Department
Date:Topic:Powerpoint Handout:Recording Link:
08/15/2016HUD CoC FL-507 Rapid Rehousing Form ReviewRapid Rehousing PDFClick here to view the recording
08/16/2016HUD CoC FL-507 Permanent Supportive Housing ReviewPermanent Supportive Housing PDFClick here to view the recording
8/17/2016HUD CoC FL-507 Transitional Housing ReviewTransitional Housing PDFClick here to view the recording
8/19/2016HUD CoC FL-507 Service Providers ReviewSupportive Services PDFClick here to view the recording
08/23/2016Review Timesheets and submission of budgetTime Sheet and Budget PDF Time Sheet and Budget Review
8/30/2016Review Grant File Grant File 8.30.16Review Grant File Recording
9/6/2016Coordinated Entry DocumentationCoordinated Entry Documentation Recording
10/11/2016HUD Financial Reimbursement HUD Financial Reimbursement PowerPointHUD Financial Reimbursement Process Recording