Interview w/Sanford HOPE Team on Homelessness

The Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media has continued its series “On Being… Homeless in Seminole County”. In part 1, HSN’s own Cathy Jackson was featured. In part 2, the focus is on three homeless people living in a camp in Seminole County and also features the Sanford HOPE Team, a project of Homeless Services Network, Seminole Behavioral Healthcare, and Healthcare Center for the Homeless:

In part-2 of the feature “On Being…Homeless in Seminole County,” we meet 3 local homeless people in their ramshackled, undisclosed and unlawful camp in Seminole County, FL. Accompanied by a team of 2 outreach specialists known as the HOPE Team of Sanford, we hear these men’s stories and gain their perspective on being homeless. And we’ll talk with the head of HOPE’s local outreach initiative as she toils with a mixture of business skill and compassion to offer pride and hope for those homeless and un-housed.

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