Data Completeness Report Cards

The current data completeness reports used by HSN look only at the Universal Data Elements (UDE’s) that everyone using HMIS must collect (DOB, gender, race, etc). Last year we started requiring a few more data elements (including income, disabilities, and domestic violence history), so we have a new data completeness report that will include those data elements as well.

Additionally, the new report provides an overall data quality score in the form of a letter grade. This report uses the following scale:

A = 95%+
B = 90-94%
C = 80-89%
F = 0-79%

This scale certainly seems a lot more difficult than the one we’re all accustomed to from our school days, but HSN has always required that participating agencies achieve a minimum data completion rate of 95%, so this is actually a standard everyone is used to.

We are still ironing out some wrinkles with the report, but we did run it for 80 separate HMIS-participating programs throughout our CoC. The following 18 programs made the dean’s list for the month of January:

CENTAUR-Facility-Based Housing
Center for Drug-Free Living Inc-Anchor Aftercare
Center for Drug-Free Living Inc-Anchor Program
Center for Drug-Free Living Inc-Project ANEW-Heart 2 Heart
Center for Drug-Free Living Inc-Project ANEW-Women’s Residential
Center for Drug-Free Living Inc-SSVF
Center for Multicultural Wellness & Prevention-HOPWA
Coalition for the Homeless-Community Housing Program
Coalition for the Homeless-First Steps Transitional Housing
Coalition for the Homeless-WRCC-Transitional Housing
Grand Avenue ECDC-SSVF
Homeless Services Network-Goodwill Employment Program
Intervention Services-Transitional Housing
Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare-Transitional Housing
Miracle of Love-PHP
Orange County-Shelter + Care 3
Seminole Behavioral Healthcare-SSVF
Seminole County-Shelter + Care 1

These programs have achieved a data completion rate of 95% or more for all clients served from October 2010 through January 2012.

If you are not on this list, you should not be worried just yet, but if you are interested in your program’s grade, please contact the HSN HMIS Help Desk via email at or via phone at 407-893-0133 x120.

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