Preliminary 2016 NOFA Application (Attachment A)

Please be aware that the COMPLETE CoC FL-507 application will be posted at For questions, please email

There are 17 Sections total. Please click on the following links below.

Section 1- Applicant Information 

Section 2- Basic Project Information, Classification and Status 

Section 3- Key Project Characteristics- Housing 

Section 4- Key Project Characteristics- Supportive Services

Section 5- Geographic Coverage

Section 6- Target Populations 

Section 7- Housing First- Zero Barrier Approach 

Section 8- Prioritization

Section 9- CoC Involvement and Engagement

Section 10- Access to Mainstream Benefits

Section 11-Proximity of Key Resources and Service to Housing

Section 12- Program and Financial Management

Section 13- New Project Details

Section 14-Project Bu

Section 15-

Section 16- New Project Narrative- Services

Section 17- New Project Narrative- Housing