FY 2016 CoC Submission (Application) to HUD

On September 14, 2016, the Central Florida Continuum of Care  submitted its FY 2016 Consolidated Application for CoC Program funding to HUD.  The submission consists of a combined reporting of:

1) The CoC’s year-round planning for and implementation of a region-wide, coordinated system of housing and supportive services configured in response to our shared goal of ending homelessness in Central Florida; and

2) The results of an annual competitive funding process, where review of applications and selection of projects are based on CoC-adopted policies and priorities, project and system performance criteria, AND a community-based scoring and ranking process.


The Central Florida CoC’s FY 2016 Consolidated Application to HUD  consists of three main components:

1) THE COC APPLICATION  (excluding attachments)

2) THE COC PRIORITY LISTING  (ranked list of the selected projects proposed by agencies and groups of agencies)

3) PROJECT APPLICATIONS for each of the selected projects)


For 2016, the Central Florida CoC’s request to HUD totals $7.8 million for 18 projects delivering a coordinated array of housing, supportive services and system-wide critical supports targeted to needs of chronically homeless households, homeless families with children, homeless veteran and homeless youth ages 16-24.

Individuals or organizations with questions about the 2016 submission to HUD or that are interested in learning more about the Central Florida Continuum of Care’s regional response to homelessness may contact the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, CoC Lead Agency, at coc@hsncfl.org or 407-893-0133.

–Initial Posting 9/12/16, Final Posting  9/14/16