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because housing is the only remedy to end homelessness

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The Housing Locator Team is the committed to ensure clients experience a smooth transition from homelessness into permanent housing.


Because housing is the only remedy to end homelessness, working with housing service providers, community landlords, rental property owners and property managers is essential.


It is a business with a purpose – by partnering with us, your rental unit stays occupied while housing some of our most vulnerable population.


Clients Permanently Housed

Since the inception of the Housing Locator Program, we have been committed to housing homeless persons with our community partners. To this end, rental assistance payments are made directly to landlords and property owners who permanently house program eligible clients.

Average Monthly Rental Assistance Checks Paid

“Landlords are the key to unlocking the future of our community because we know the Housing First model works”

– Martha Are. Executive Director, Homeless Services Network of Central FL