Permanent Supportive Housing

What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

Permanent Supportive Housing, or PSH, is a long term program that combines affordable housing with services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, independence and dignity.

Our community prioritizes PSH for those with the most severe medical, mental health, behavioral health or substance use conditions and who have been living on the streets or emergency shelters the longest.

Permanent Supportive Housing improves the lives of our community most vulnerable citizens by supporting their housing stability and overall wellness.



Source: CSH “ Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing Guidebook

Permanent Supportive Housing has also been proven to be a cost-effective solution to ending homelessness, as participants enrolled in the program have less interaction with high-cost crisis systems, such as jails and hospitals.

For more information on Supportive Housing, including resources and data, visit The Corporation for Supportive Housing website: