Central Florida Supportive Housing Program

Central Florida Supportive Housing Program (CFSHP) provides prospective tenants and landlords with several benefits from participating in our program. By listing your property(s) on FloridaHousingSearch.com or directly with HSN, prospective tenants linked to a Service Provider and will be matched up to your available property. Just call us or update your listing on FloridaHousingSearch.com when you have a vacant unit and we’ll immediately match you up with a tenant who has support and who is looking for housing in your area.
Additionally, tenants receive services including support with personal budgeting, understanding rental agreements, housekeeping and general apartment maintenance, being a good neighbor, and other support services.

CFSHP tenants have access to program subsidies. This program links tenants to specific services and supports that are focused on helping homeless households, including veterans, disabled persons and families to remain stably housed. Central Florida Supported Housing Program tenants receive services ranging from time-limited to permanent supportive, depending on the needs of the household.
CFSHP offers rental assistance as outlined in Housing Assistance Payment Contracts. We offer direct deposit to ensure that rents are received on time and if required, we will not refer you a tenant that does not have a security deposit.
In limited cases we have funding for co-signing of lease or Master Leasing Agreements. If you do not have restrictions and aren’t contractually prohibited, a Master Lease or co-signing program may be available.
Our service teams conduct regular home visits to ensure that tenants are stabilized in their new environments, that their jobs are going well, and that they are getting the support they need. Regular follow ups with tenants allow us to identify and address any issues early on before they become irreparable. Our One Point of Contact program allows the landlord to make one call and you will have the service team and our team (HSN) working together to remedy any concerns.

Despite the best efforts, complications are sometimes inevitable. However, when these arise, it can be reassuring to know that there is someone to call. We care as much about our relationship with our landlords as we do our tenants. We need everyone to make our program work. The job of a case manager is to be a neutral party, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and that problems are resolved quickly and impartially. If tenant is unable to fulfil the terms of the lease we will support and assist tenant and landlord through this process.
Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Some people make mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. By helping our tenants, you are playing an integral role not only in helping individuals take charge of their lives, but also in making your community a better place to live. Remember when you have a case managed rent subsidized tenant verses a non-case managed subsidized tenant; the success rate is much greater for all involved.

For more information: 

CFSHP{@}hsncfl{.}org and HLT{@}hsncfl{.}org and 407-893-0133 x 621.