Housing Operations

What is Housing Operations?

The Housing Operations Department networks with community partners, landlords and property managers throughout the Tri-County to maintain sustainable housing for program participants. The Housing Operations team consists of the Housing Operations Manager, two Housing Locators, two Stakeholder Specialists, and an HQS Inspector. This team works to find innovative ways to reduce obstacles that will bring tenants and participating property owners together.

Rental housing in Central Florida is very limited, as of August 2018, the average cost of renting an apartment in Orlando was $1,256 per month, with a one bedroom at $1,109 and a two bedroom at $1,339. Data shows that rental rates have continued to steadily climb over the past six months as well. The Housing Operations team works to recruit and maintain relationships with local property owners willing to accept lower than market rent as well as rent to households with rental barriers, such as past evictions, low-income, poor credit or criminal convictions.

Along the way, this team and the entire HSN network have worked to improve the lives of participating tenants and boosted bottom-lines for our participating property owners, which led us in 2018 to house 377 formerly homeless Central Floridians.


FL Rental Market Trends



Where to search for your new unitWhere to search for your new Home: guide to give participants to help in their search for housing.
Qualifying a potential unitQualifying a potential unit: Case Managers and participants can use this to gather details on units that work with the program to provide to HLT for follow up.
2020 Rent Matrix2020 Rent Matrix: Guide on the maximum amount of rent HSN can pay for a unit in accordance with our current grant cycle
Reasonable Accommodation RequestReasonable Accommodation Request
HQS Inspection Planning ChecklistHQS Inspection Planning Checklist: Helpful tool for Landlords or Case Managers to use in preparing a unit for an upcoming inspection
Welcome Home FormWelcome Home Form: Form to help tenants note and remember important lease information
Notice of Abandonment of Housing UnitNotice of Abandoning Unit
Termination of Rental Assistance NoticeTermination of Rental Assistance Notice
VAWAViolence Against Women Act (VAWA)